Become a Partner Partnering Program

We are very happy to aannounce our very first partnering programe for

Yes now you can, anyone can become a partner of

It is very simple and easy methods to follow and become a partner & most importantly, there is nothing to loose.

Anyone who join our partnering program, will be benifited for sure.

Below is the details about our partnaring program:

  1. First thing first, this is how we are collecting our funds to help grow our marketplace. So you can become a partner by contribution a small amout of money or you can invest big amount as well.
  2. No matter what amount you invest on, still you are benefited from your investment.
  3. The minimum amount you can invest with us is $100 for now, and there is no maximum at the moment.

Now we have 2 different scheme for this funding, you can choose any option.

Option #1: You can invest for 1 year period.

Option #2: You can invest for 6 month period.

So how things work?

For an example you want to invest $500 with us and you choose 1 year period of funding. 

Then you will get 8% profit on your invest each month, which means you will receive $40 each month. And after 1 year you will get back your full money from Anylancer.

So whatever you invest with us, you get a profit percentage every month + you get back your full money after a certain period of time that you choose.

Now we have 2 options for you to make this funding profitable for both us:

Option #1: The 6 month time period Investor will receive 5% profit from their investing amount.

Option #2: The 1 year time period Investor will receive 8% profit from their investing amount.

So now you can pick your option of profit level, and according to your choosen profit level, you will receive your profit each month at the very first date.

And there is one last rules for this investment programe:

*** The minimum amount for the 6 month period investment is $100

*** And the minimum amount for 1 year period investment is $500

So if you are interested to become a partner of our Partnaring Programe, Then you can choose any options from above, and we will sign a legal NDA with you, and your name will be shown in our 'Partner Page' with your details. Also you will start receiving your profit from us from the very next month.

The Guarantee:

Now what makes the guarantee that you will not loose your investment?

  1. First of all we guarantee no matter anylancer makes profit or not, you will always receive your prfoit according to your choosen investment and your profit level.
  2. And we are here to stay on the market, we will not hide anything to you, nor we will run away with your funding. As you can see our marketplace is growing, so we need more people to join us and let make this even bigger.
  3. Moreover, you always can ask for a refund, what means you can stop receiving the profit anytime you want and can ask for full refund anytime you want. Therefor the agreement with you will stop immediately.
  4. As we mentioned above, that no matter how much you want to invest, we will sign a NDA for this investment to work. So you will always have your documents to proof that you invested with us.
  5. People who invested over $1000, there will be a video proof on both side, that we receive and pay the money according to our partnaring programe rules.
  6. So you Honorable Investors, you have the legal documents as proof of investment and as always you will be always remembered on our honorable partner page, forever.

Still if you have more questions about our partnaring program, please feel free to email us at: [email protected]