Sign up: Sign up to VEEM PayPal Alternative

Sign up: Sign up to VEEM PayPal Alternative

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Job Details

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link in the post with VEEM picture.
  3. Fill in your Email Address and sign up or just use Google connect button for a quick sign up.
  4. Create a password and continue
  5. Select sign up as an individual or Contractor.
  6. Fill out your Address information correctly and click continue.
  7. Choose options on next step as you would like and click continue.
  8. Fill in about yourself, tick receives payment notification and continue. If you don't have a TIN just fill in with ID card number.
  9. Choose your preferred business name, (it can be your 1st name) Business website or your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Utube URLs will work.
  10. Others on the next steps film them as you prefer and tick the list my business. Important
  11. Confirm your Email Address to verify your account.
  12. Talk to the chat agent to confirm your account is fully verified and validated.
  13. If not, then you will need to upload an ID card.
  14. Check your account after completing the sign up to confirm it's successfully done.
  15. NOTE: Don't use a VPN, Don't edit the screenshots, only 1 account per person, wrong proofs no pay.


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